LUX | A Sci-Fantasy Short Film

A stargazer from another planet named LUX dreams about her mysterious interstellar origins until one day she awakens to the crash of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe which carries onboard a truly out of this world golden mixtape.

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LUX Jordan Kerslake

Juno Violet Bruno

Luna McKenna Donahue


Producer Alexis French

Story Consultant: Alexander Xavier James

Assistant Director: Nicole Radar

Naitrai Iriumi Jonah Neuss Maisie Harrington Eli Gallagher Emily Fortuna Matthew Grega Parker Singh Brian Liu

Visual Effects:

Lead Compositor Blake Rizzo

Modeler Kyra Bautista

Additional Animation Diana Wang

Additional Keying Work Brian Liu

Art Department

Costume + Hair + Makeup Lindsey Nelson

Hair + Makeup Sommer Weeks

Story Boards Alaina Kwan

Makeup: Daniel Twitchel

Golden Record Cindy Chen


Darra Bunkasem Blake Rizzo Paul Stovall


Composed by Kris James

Additional Songs:

In the Field Kris James Paul Stovall

Lantern Dream Paul Stovall

Head in The Stars: Vocals and Lyrics by Hannah Flores Composed by Paul Stovall Guitar by Naitra Iriumi

Footage UsED

Nasa Daniel Simon Jeffry Beach Encyclopedia Britannica Gordon McDowell A Trip to The Moon by George Melies Universal News

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Navid Azodi, Ryan Kim, Maya Geddes, Neda Gallagher Tam Dang, Jeff Hendricks, Arina Wu, Carol-Ann Lucas Elizabeth Marshall, Lindsey Nelson, Kyle Knies, Janet King Mike and Lily Sweet, Christine Wolf, Gavin, and Lisa Upton Lily Ann French, Mark French, Dev Sen, Jennifer Dye, Lynn Davis, Jason Snow, Meghan Cowen

Special Thanks

Hannah Palin Bedia Olsen (My Grandma) Deschutes National Forest Suzzallo Libraries UW League of Astronomers Oliver Fraser Mom and Dad for supporting me! All friends and family LUX: Film Production Club Animation Capstone Barbara Mones Cinema and Media Studies Jennifer Bean

Cast: Blake Rizzo

Tags: LUX, Short Film, Nasa, Voyager, Golde Record, University of Washington, Adventure, Sci Fi, Lanterns , Oregon, Seattle, Blake Rizzo, Kris James, Jordan Kerslake, Golden Record, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

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