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As the name reveals, a corporate video can be described as an audio-video communication material used by companies and business corporate for a defined purpose in a corporate or B2B environment.  

Now, lots of businesses are creating their own corporate web videos for a range of purposes including brand promotion, product and service marketing, acquiring public support and bringing in investments. Our corporate video templates can be effectively used by any kind of company to reach out external public including potential customers, business partners, venture capitalists and prospective employees. At the same time, a corporate video can also be used for internal purposes such as creating corporate or professional culture among its employees or internal marketing.

Illustrated below are some major advantages that corporate videos offer to your business:

o For a business purpose, a corporate video is one of the best strategies to inform, persuade, convince and motivate customers. Particularly, all these aspects play a major role when launching a new product/service in the market. It is important to educate consumers.

o Also, a corporate video can be effectively used to support your business strategies, describe your organizational structure and communicate your existing financial position and future planning in the most articulate manner. This aspect holds significance in case you are planning to promote your business and persuade your venture capitalists for bringing in more investments.

o Creating Your Brand Identity – For any business to be successful, brand identity or creating awareness about your brand in the minds of people is extremely important. A consumer must be convinced about the authenticity of your company and be able to relate with your brand so as to buy your products/services. So as to create such an image, companies do invest billions of dollars on developing good marketing and promotional programs. All this expenditure can be avoided with a well-designed and properly conceptualized promotional corporate video.

o Improves Your Hiring – Our corporate video templates even indirectly help in the hiring process of your company. Whenever you publish your video on the internet, the same is circulated over millions of internet-users everyday. A properly documented and narrated video helps in creating a positive image of your company, its policies and the way one can benefited by associated with your company. Such recognition can help your HR managers during new recruitment.

o Other utilities of corporate videos include customer service, system training, and arranging orientation sessions among employees on aspects such as sexual harassment, product introduction and development, employee communications and financial training.

o Corporate videos are exceptionally useful for companies operating on the internet. The reason is with these videos it is possible to reach a wide range of customers spanning different countries and continents. As per the statistics, over 100 million people browse on the internet everyday. Among these, almost 20 million people prefer to shop on the internet. So as to attract such an extensive customer base, one needs to advertise products/services in a way that can capture huge business without much investment. Online corporate videos exactly fit into this bill.

Any business can find his corporate video here in our huge video library; you are a roofer, an accountant, a lawyer, a dentist, a lawn care specialist, or really any other professional, you will find the video you need for your business here.  Whatever you are looking for an animated video, explainer video, live actor video, website virtual presenters, a website design service or ranking for videos or website, you are at the right place at New Video Marketing.  

Your High Definition video will be ready for you to share on Social Media, upload on YouTube or Vimeo, or post to your site or blog.


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