Pack 1,000 Years of Storytelling Punch into Your Next Sales Video

Storytelling has become synonymous with selling. Why? People respond to stories. They’re more engaging than a string of facts, and our brains are wired to respond to storytelling formats. Consider that billions of people around the world have seen Star Wars. Millions of kids pretend to be Luke Skywalker in their backyards. They don’t practice […]

7 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Brand Against Cyberattacks

There is plenty of great advice you can find online about protecting your business from cyberattacks. However, protecting your brand requires a more intricate strategy. It doesn’t refer strictly to protecting your data and customers – it also refers to protecting your image and reputation. There are plenty of ways for hackers to destroy your […]

How to Create a Company Culture Your Team Will Love

Company culture might seem like a buzzword that human resource professionals like to throw around, but it’s actually a very real and important concept. The culture you set internally influences the productivity and happiness of your team and can have a significant impact on the long-term success of your business. It’s human nature to want […]

How Rothy’s Uses Social Video and Word Of Mouth To Attract New Customers

There are a lot of different marketing strategies that brands will consider when choosing which platforms to focus on when it comes to promoting their products and services. You’ve got PPC, social, SEO, influencer marketing, word of mouth campaigns, referral programs, and so, so much more. What some brands forget, however, is that some of […]

6 Email Tactics to Leave Behind in the New Year

It’s no surprise that most businesses use email marketing. After all, it’s the most effective marketing channel. And as 2019 comes to a close, it’s clear that email marketing is far from dying. According to Statista, in 2019, there were more than 293 billion emails sent per day, a number that continues to grow. Statista predicts […]

Why Voice-Based Technology is the Future of Excellent Customer Experience

If it seems like everywhere you turn, you’re being hit with yet another statistic or story about how voice tech is the future. Consider this your wakeup call: it’s time to start paying attention. We’re on the cusp of a voice tech revolution. Gartner predicts that in 2020, 30% of web browsing will be done without a […]

How to Overcome the Leadership Challenges of Rapidly Scaling Your Startup

Make connections with all your employees. Set up small, yet realistic goals that my employees could see themselves achieving.  Hire the right experts. Almost all startup owners, believe that the flexibility and spontaneity of the early startup days are going to be everlasting. But soon enough as the company starts to grow, we realize that […]

How to Choose an Answering Service for a Medical Practice

Running a medical practice is a demanding endeavor that requires a seamless connection between front office staff, clinicians and back-office operations. It can sometimes be difficult for a medical practice to juggle all the tasks needed to keep daily operations running smoothly, especially while fielding incoming calls. For practices that need extra help manning the […]

Millennials vs. Gen Z: Why Marketers Need to Know the Difference

In recent years, there’s been a common misconception that Gen Z and millennials are essentially the same. When companies discuss reaching younger audiences, many often lump Gen Z and millennials into the same group and create one campaign strategy that they believe fits both groups. Sure, many millennials and Gen Zers are considered “young adults.” […]

30 Reddit Stats and Facts to Know in 2020

Since it launched in 2005, Reddit has remained a mystery to many marketers. The user-influenced platform, which embraces discussion and community engagement, rather than content creation or branding is vastly different from other networks — like Facebook or Instagram — where brands naturally find their niche. But, in the past few years, Reddit’s made attempts […]