Benchmark Data: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales and Marketing Performance [Updated Weekly]

The economic impact of COVID-19 is undeniable. In the face of closures and shifting consumer behavior, businesses across the world have had to adapt to rapidly changing economic circumstances. At HubSpot, we’re asking ourselves the same questions many of you are: What now? What should we change about our strategy, and what can go on, […]


Growing up you are faced with many pathways but never can you actually predict what road you will end up on. Speed Miller, Detroit native, ended up on a different path than most. In fact he ended up on a horse. Brought up in Detroit city limits at his Grandads house, Speed spent most of […]

Lorn – Timesink (Official Music Video)

Shot in Fall of 2019 pre COVID-19. We hope you all stay safe, and spend this time with your loved ones in the midst of this global pandemic. Artist : Lorn Title: Timesink Spotify: Apple Music: Bandcamp: Cast: James Farah Stunt Double: Jake Colvill Director: Pavel Brenner Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley Executive Producers: […]

What Is a Reasonable PTO Policy?

A PTO policy is a set of rules regarding your employees’ time off that your company pays for. There are three main types of PTO policies: bank, accrued and unlimited. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important that you carefully consider which one is right for your business. A paid time off […]

7 Ways to Protect Your Online Business During COVID-19

A human tragedy first and a business crisis second, the coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, has become a pandemic affecting millions of people and businesses big and small around the world. Its effect on the global economy is undeniable and unprecedented, forcing online giants like Amazon and Google to adjust to its impact. The entertainment industry has […]

How to Live Stream Successfully: A Preparation Checklist for Marketers

Raise your hand if you’d rather watch a video to learn something new than read about it. Go ahead — you’re not alone. 59% of executives say they’d rather watch a video than read text, too. And really, that number makes sense — we are a society of video streamers. (I mean, hello, Netflix.) But […]

śledztwo the inquest

Prywatny Detektyw przyjeżdża do Miasta, by rozwiązać mroczną tajemnicę seryjnych zaginięć jego Mieszkańców. Private Detective comes to Town to solve the mystery of missing Townspeople. Obsada: Maria Baładżanow, Hubert Bronicki, Bogdan Ciochoń, Przemysła Czernikarz, Anna Gamrot, Paweł Garwol, Maria Golanka, Anna Kandziora, Grzegorz Kazibudzki, Tomasz Kostro, Olga Kujawińska, Maciej Lorenc, Małgorzata Malinowska, Patryk Małolepszy, Karolina […]

JUTLAND II | Breath of the Seasons

Watch in 4K or HD with headphones or quality sound in fullscreen – thank you! ‘Breath of the Seasons’ has been my personal project from early 2017 until early 2020. Living around the Jutland peninsula in Denmark my entire life, what inspired me to make this film was the very difference between winter, spring, summer […]

Why a Subscription-Model Might be Right for Your Business

No doubt about it: Everyday life has taken a turn and embraced a subscription mindset. If you want proof, take a peek inside the modern home. People everywhere enjoy curated entertainment courtesy of Netflix and Spotify. Their refrigerators and freezers are stocked by food delivery services like Freshly, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron. And stylish looks […]

LUX | A Sci-Fantasy Short Film

A stargazer from another planet named LUX dreams about her mysterious interstellar origins until one day she awakens to the crash of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe which carries onboard a truly out of this world golden mixtape. Website: Twitter: Instagram: CREDITS CAST LUX Jordan Kerslake Juno Violet Bruno Luna McKenna Donahue CREW […]